Interior Lighting


★ Three tips when lighting your homes interior.

3 Layers of light. Adding task and ambient lighting to the general floor plan can make a HUGE difference, These added layers help with bringing it all together for a well a balanced lighting scheme.

Each layer controlled independently by the means of dimmers or a dimming system, will make an enormous difference in the look and feel of the space.

Below we will cover the 3 types of lighting layers, show you picture samples and if you click on the video link button under each category, we will show you short video demo on each layer in more depth. Have a look! :)

★ General Floor Plan

  • General_floor_plan_lighting
  • basement_lighting

    Evenly lighting the space

  • recessed_can_lighting_crown_molding

    Ambient lighing with backlit crown molding

  • can_light

    Behind the scene

Video Presentation

★ Task Lighting

  • under_cabinet_lighting

    Brings out the colors and textures

  • under_cabinet_lighting

    Adds a layer of Elegance

  • Backsplash_lighting

    Dont let that backsplash hide!

  • Kitchen_lighting

    All 3 Layers displayed

Video Presentation

★ Ambient lighting

  • Living_room_Ambiance_lighting

    Why be average? Plan your lighting

  • Ambiance_lighting

    Indirect Illuminated Crown Molding

  • Closet lighting

    Brighten up that closet

Video Presentation
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